Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I am sick of kids...

This morning, like a lot of other mornings I showered, shaved, and dressed listening to the incessant back and forth between two little boys. As a husband, father, and worker I really don't like starting off my morning with a bunch of foolishness. I'm an adult I don't have time for such things. No matter what the issue is with these kids, it gets blown up into something dramatic. I know I shouldn't be like this, but I am tired of their little asses. I can't go into the specific details of what this argument was about, because quite frankly I don't know. The real issue was lost in the name-calling, denials, and excuses. Once the argument reached a fever pitch I had to break in. I said, "Oh the both of you little bastards need to shutup! You make me sick!"

I turned off the television and stormed out of the bedroom. Devon and Robbie were sitting there eating there cereal and I said, "Are you two ready to head out for school?" Robbie nodded and kept munching Captain Crunch. Devon said, "Yeah, I was just going over my Social Studies I have a test today. Who were you talking to in the bedroom?"

I said, "I was listening to Terry McCaulife and Ed Gillespie debate John Kerry and President Bush's military records."

Devon said, "Who are they, and why are they arguing about that?"

"One of them is a Democrat, and the other is a Republican, they are big wigs in their parties. They are talking bad about Kerry and Bush's war records to try and help get their guy elected." I told him.

"That's pretty dumb, why don't they try and get people home from Iraq quicker so nobody else gets killed anymore."

I laughed and said, "That's what most of us want to know, get your bookbag, you too Robbie, we're going to be late."

I scooped my daughter out of her high chair, kissed my wife on the cheek and headed out the door feeling good. I'm glad I have my children to keep my mind off of those bratty-assed kids.

*based on true events, some embellishment.