Monday, June 28, 2004

Early Handover

It seems that the sovereignty of the Iraqui people has been handed over to them early. Regardless of what anyone says, I think that this was done to make sure that the insurgents could not stage a coordinated large-scale attack on that day in order to take away from the proceedings. Of course, I don't think that this symbolism will do anything to deter the insurgency. We have Al Quaeda, Ansar al Islam, the Fedayeen, Saddam Loyalists, Al Sadr's followers and many other foreign fighters who have crossed the border out of neighboring countries solely to inflict damage upon coalition U.S. Forces.

I see us being in the Middle East for a very long time. I am not sure how well established the so-called Iraqi defense forces will be if we were to leave. I don't think that this symbolism will do anything to deter the scheduled beheadings either.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Father's Day Weekend...

Despite being TDY, I was still able to see my wife and kids over Father's Day weekend. Because my Fraternity Brother was getting married in Columbus, Ohio, I flew to Cincinnati where Renee and the kids met me. We stayed the night and went on to Columbus in the morning. It was so wonderful to wake up and hear the boys arguing over the TV, and Alexandra fussing over her Finding Nemo toys. You just don't know how much I miss them. Though I talk to Renee and the kids a few times per day, it had been almost a month since I had laid eyes on them. Some of the ordinarily subtle changes in Alex's behavior and growth were blatantly obvious when I saw her. I can really see a lot of myself in her, and she is starting to get so tall.

Robbie seemed to have grown a bit as well, the difference in height between him and his older brother are becoming less and less....much to Devon's chagrine. We ended up eating a Father's Day brunch at the Cheesecake factory in Cincinnati, and we made a quick stop into the Mall at Kenwood. After that we visited some relatives that lived in the area and then Renee dropped me off at the airport for the flight back to Ft. Gordon. Damn, it was so hard to fly out on Father's Day. I can't wait to see them again.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Happy Birthday U.S. Army

Today is the 229th birthday of the United States Army. Happy birthday to all of us, and good luck to all of our Soldiers who are in harms way.

Not to forget, today is Flag Day as well, did you fly your flag today?

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ronald Reagan is dead...

Last night I was enjoying a great day off from our rigorous training calendar when I saw the newscast that told of President Reagan's passing. Immediately I was bothered by it, and I wasn't sure why. Of course I think that any person's passing should be observed with respect, it seemed like I felt his death on a personal level. Of course, I am a registered Democrat, and an ideological and political moderate. I did like Reagan's stance on the military, though.

After I thought about it, I realized that I literally grew up with Ronald Reagan in the White house. I vaguely remember some of my father's complaint's about Jimmy Carter. I also vaguely remember the remarks that people used to make about him being a "peanut farmer." But, I became more aware of the world around me, and world events when Reagan was in office. He is the first President that I can remember observing. I can remember being in 3rd or 4th grade when he was shot. I remember him sending troops into Grenada, I remember Iran-Contra and Oliver North. I remember him bombing Khadafy into the stone age. (That guy has been quiet for a looooong time hasn't he?"

So in effect, Reagan was in the White House when I first began to grasp the concept that things that happened in all of these far off places still had an effect on us here. Reagan was called the "Great Communicator", and indeed he was. Many people hated his trickle-down theory, and the purported "Reaganomics". Nobody thought that Reagan was very concerned about civil rights, but I don't think that he was an enemy of minorities. I think he had a particular view that stated that the federal government could not do anything for the underpriveleged, only individual states could. Therefore he would not entertain federal intervention into social programs.

In short, Ronald Reagan is gone, and I am very sad. Although he has been out of the public eye for a great while, hearing of his passing serves as a painful reminder of his slow battle with Alzheimers. Rest in peace, President Reagan.
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