Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve 2006.....

Coming off of Saddam Hussein't execution yesterday, and the change of year tomorrow you would think I would be poised to do some serious blogging. Despite how poignant a reflection of what I was thinking at this moment could be in years to come, the bottom line is......I'm just too damn tired.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Mirror Pic for Christmas....

Well, my post a couple of days before Christmas kind of betrayed the Christmas blues that I was feeling despite the fact that I was trying to pull off the notion that I could have cared less about Christmas. I talked to my parents, my sisters, and my wife today. My kids were too engaged with Christmas presents at the time that I called, and on top of that I got pulled off the phone to take care of some things. I do feel pretty good, however.

Today was a normal day in regard to having work, having deadlines, and having the constant threat of AIF. But all in all I feel good. It is Christmas. Nobody can take that from me, no matter how far from home I may be, the celebration of Jesus' birthday is something that kind of helps me focus while I am here so far away from home.

Of course the AIF didn't take a break today, but they were a little more quiet than usual. We caught a 60mm earlier today, and I heard a few more explosions in the distance. I took a picture today just so that someday I can look back and say this is what I looked like on Christmas Day 2006 in the middle of Iraq. I took a Mirror Pic at that. Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

I would have to say that the title of this post is probably one of the most mendacious statements that I have purposefully made on this blog since I started. It really doesn't look like Christmas. This place looks like Tatooine with a monsoon season. It is cold now, sometimes dipping down into the 40's with overcast skies, and a perpetual misty rain coming down. When you have sand that has the consistency of powdered sugar coupled with rain, you have a complete mess.

I went to chow the other night, and there were a bunch of Christmas decorations aroound, but I didn't get that Christmas feeling. They even had some members of the Army Band here playing Christmas songs, but I still didn't get the feeling. I feel like telling the big brass that coming up with something special for troops over in a combat zone is pointless. Just a gesture that only seeks to let us know how far from home, and how far away from a place that is filled with the Christmas spirit we are. All of this kind of feels as pointless as getting an alcohol swab across your arm before you are given a lethal injection.

I talked to my wife and kids yesterday, and I asked my kids what they were doing on their break from school and if they were excited about Christmas. That is when I felt close to home. That is when I felt full of the Christmas spirit. I felt like I had the Christmas spirit when I ordered a gift for my wife online, and when she told me about the toys she purchased for the kiddos. That is the only Christmas warmth I get. I really don't feel like Christmas right now....I think the 25th will come and go, with me acknowledging the birth of Christ. But yet, the sharing and the warmth, and yes the commercial aspect is hard to grasp here. Very hard.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well today sucks, but at least......

....I got to talk to the wife and the kids today. But, things are very bad for me today. Not in the "war is hell, but the men are brave", sort of way. Just bad all around. I am sore from attempting to lift weights. I didn't leave the FOB today, I was stuck behind the desk doing tons of paperwork which is not my favorite thing to do, and I think I am getting a stomach bug.

And do you know what is worse than that? The theme from "Welcome Back Kotter" keeps going around and around my head for some reason. I think I have discovered a torture tactic that we could use to get detainees to spill the beans on where weapons caches and terror cells are located. Duct tape them to a chair and play the theme music from sitcoms circa 1972 to 1979.