Wednesday, December 25, 2002

It's HIS day, not ours......

Well, it is Christmas morning, and believe it or not my kids are still in bed. I suppose it is not so inconceivable that my 4 month old daughter is still in bed, but sons Devon and Robbie, (9 and 5 respectively), are still snoozing. We are at my parents house presently, and we will be opening presents, eating breakfast and hitting the road to Lexington in just a little while. Christmas and the holidays are a special time of year, because that is when most people like to gather their families and spend quality time with one another. Some people actually dislike the holidays because of painful memories, or the fact that they have nobody to share them with. I suppose that those of us with large extended families who have to hustle and bustle to see everyone probably think that we have it rough. Or perhaps we say we hate Christmas or dread the holiday's approach because of all of the stress that it brings. I think that perhaps we don't know how good that we have it. I myself made the offhand comment that, "I hate Christmas", because of the stress of planning and purchasing. I really do wish that I could take it back though. We tend to forget what this holiday season is about. Even if we are happy and full of "Yuletide Cheer", the Man that this is all about seems to get pushed to the back burner. Our Lord God who came to earth as the Son of a Carpenter, who later died a horrible death to secure our salvation is sometimes an after thought. His exploits are somehow eclipsed by gift-giving, commerce, and the fictional exploits of a fat guy who slides down chimneys. I wish I had the entire month of December to do over again, I think I would show much more respect to the holiday season and what it is all about. While that time has passed and cannot be reclaimed, I can, however live out today and the rest of the season like I am supposed to. I hear my Father upstairs rustling about, and I think I am going to go upstairs, give him a big hug, and help him cook a Christmas Breakfast. For all of you who are gathered with family, for all of you who are in the midst of traveling, and most of all, for those of you who think you have nowhere to go, and nobody to celebrate with, please remember that God loves you. God Bless each and every one of you, and have a very Merry Christmas. Merry in the sense that we are celebrating our Lord's birthday, and the day that our salvation began.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Be careful there is a Lott at stake

I have watched the events concerning Trent Lott's statements about Strom Thurmond's 1948 presidential race with a burgeoning interest. I thought that when the events were first reported that there would be backlash, and I considered the requests for him to be censured and resign as Senate Majority leader were toothless, yet obligatory. I see now that things are coming to a head and I am not quite sure where I stand on this issue. A lot of people that I have talked to are apalled that he would make statements about Strom Thurmond in general because he has been coined "A racist". True indeed, he may have been, or still may be. But I don't have ill feelings toward Strom Thurmond because he was born in another world. Yes, he is still "Senator No" in regard to a lot of issues but he has made changes. I am not posting this to show any particular support for Thurmond, but I am not sure I am going to allow myself to be bitter toward a 100 year old man. Race relations have changed over the decades in a movement toward equality, however, I see things moving away from fruitful negotiation toward bitter contention. I am not sure of the how and why, but the U.S. seems to be quite a bit more polarized in recent years. I hae been watching some of the discussion groups on swell with angry feelings of disbelief about Lott's interview with Ed Gordon. "Why should we trust him?" "He is just apologetic about being caught!" That seems to be the common theme. I am not going to argue anyone's point, however, I think we should wait before we turn our backs on his "mea culpa" without properly weighing our actions. Had Trent Lott known what misfortune was to befall him for making those statements he would not have made them. In a certain sense I think he may have understimated the sensitivity of Blacks, as well as the number of people who would rally in response to his statements. I also think that he underestimated the precarious position he put himself in by going on BET to "set the record straight." I do think that there is some good that will come out of this regardless of whether or not he steps down. I think it goes without saying that he would not have wanted to go on BET had he not been in the hot seat, but perhaps this will make him more cognizant of the presence of blacks and women. Trent Lott was not wholly accepted by his own party before his faux paus, and things are even more tense with the GOP because of this. But, we also need to decide whether or not this is a good time to talk about issues that are germane to minorities on the whole. I think that perhaps we will have a more objective ear in the wake of this controversy. Additionally, I don't think that this is the time to use racial issues as blackmail. In other words, ridiculous issues such as reparations, (which I don't agree with, don't think should be brought up, and know will never pass), should not even be considered. But we should look to our "legitimate lobby" to remind both the GOP and the Democrats that blacks do have something to contribute so therefore don't cast sympathy legislation to appease us, rather lets work together to make things better for EVERYONE. Ed Gordon asked Lott about his voting record regarding Civil Rights, extension of the Voting Rights Act, and money for the MLK commission, as well as voting for MLK's birthday to be a holiday. It seemed that he was genuinely embarassed about his record, and having it read for him. In all reality, perhaps he doesn't have the supposed disdain for blacks that we all call racism, but perhaps his racism was his indifference. I think the key idea is that if someone has been indifferent and has an "eye-opener", they can perhaps change and do good things. As an average everyday citizen I want the same things that everyone else wants. I want to fulfill all of my needs, I want to fulfill some of my wants, and ultimately I want my children to be better than me, and have more than I had. I suppose that it is futile to say something as trite as, "I only want to see one race, the human race." I see this not because of inherent racism on any one person's part, but rather because we all see each other as physically different. I see nothing wrong with blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, and whomever being proud of their individual races. But, I would hope to live to see the day that my children won't be judged as having something handed to them before someone has seen the depth of their intellect, or the diligence in their work. I would like to see the day when white people are not judged as racists before they have time to speak their mind. We hold so many suppositions and prejudices inside that we don't even realize are there. These are taught from our families, our friends, and from our environment. In that regard this is the reason that I don't hate Strom Thurmond, I just look at him for who he is, and where he came from. Right or wrong he is who he is. I don't have to support him, I don't have to vote him, but I don't have to hate him either. That is the first step for me, hopefully more people will try to do the same thing. I hope Trent Lott is careful of the next step that he makes.

Colin Powell is one of my heroes....back off!

Here is a cut and paste of a response I made in Rachel's Weblog about Colin Powell. A guy called him a coward, can you believe that?

This comment is for Emperor Misha, in response to your statement that,

"Colon Powell is an unmitigated, worthless, useless, good-for-nothing, double-speaking, waffling, cowardly, nadless, limp pecker of a jerk and those are his GOOD qualities."

I respect your right to your opinion about this man's abilities as Secretary of State, or diplomat, or U.N. consult. Most politicians are waffling and double-speaking, but to classify him as cowardly, or nadless is a complete misstatement. I am not sure if you have ever served or not, or if you know what the markings on Powell's Dress green's symbolized, but a patch on the right shoulder coupled with a Combat Infantryman's badge, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart would automatically negate the idea that he is cowardly. Waffling?...maybe. Overly Cautious?...perhaps. But maybe it is with good reason. Colin Powell is not an America who "speaks French without having sampled the wine" when it comes to Foriegn policy. "WE (oui) need to bomb them...We (oui) need to send troops....We (oui) need to attack them and occupy that territory...We (oui) won't lose that many people if we attack, and if We (oui) do it will be worth it. Many times some of the most ardent supporters of War, troop mobilization support the military effort from the same position that they support their favorite NFL team. Granted I can't boast the same accolades that Mr. Powell has, because he is truly a great military man. But I have served in an active duty Infantry Unit during Operation Desert Storm. I am in the National Guard presently and I am eyeing the troop mobilization orders warily. If I am called up I will gladly go, but I do not relish the idea of war. Anyone that does is either: A. Out of their damn minds. or B. A CNN Ranger. I don't question my Commander-in-Chief, and I will always honor the oath I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies foriegn and domestic. But I have been part of the We (oui) which is more commonly the "They" to most CNN Rangers. I remember coming back to Ft. Stewart in May of 91' and listening to people say, "We (oui) should have gone on into Baghdad and removed him from power." Easier said than done. I am sure that Saddam would have known that his time on earth was over and would not have thought twice about using VX, Mustard, Tabur or Sarin on us. To tell you the truth while I did proudly serve I was and am scared to death of chemical weapons. But remember We (oui) have the means to protect ourselves right? Wrong. Anybody in the miilitary who has gone to NBC school knows that NBC defenses simply lessen or prolong the inevitable...especially against Nerve agent.
Well, I am rambling right now, but the bottom line is, there are many of our politicians on both sides of the aisle that fit the description you originally offered for Colin Powell, but I don't think that it fits him. Just my two rambling cents.

(I believe in WE, but once was THEY)

Posted by Dkelsmith on December 17, 2002 10:00 AM

Friday, December 13, 2002

doublepost deleted
I was just thinking that it is very unfortunate that Republicans have been typecast as racists. Unfortunately most Americans, blacks especially, have short memories. We don't seem to remember who the party of Emancipation was, nor do we remember whose part'y's majority voted for the Civil Rights Act 0f 1964 as compared by NONE of the Southern Democrats doing so. Al Gore's dad voted against the act, yet Gore had the audacity to speak at an NAACP function and claim that his dad lost his seat because of his support of civil rights legislation. Not only did he vote against the Act of 64, he even attempted to send the Act to the Senate Judiciar Committee with and amendme to say, "in defiance of a court desegregation order, federal funds could not be held from any school districts." In other words he wanted there to be no penalties levied if people told the government to mind its own business in regard to desegregation rulings.

Black people in the Deep South pride themselves in saying that the Civil Rights Movement started there. However, it is sort of sad to see that a 6 or 7 hour car trip could mean a world of difference into how well you were treated. I do admit that there are racists of all colors everywhere, and the world is still an imperfect place. However, I still believe in the inherent goodness of the human spirit. Shortly after my Dad returned to the United States from France he was stationed at Ft. Knox. This is 1956 mind you. He came to Alabama to help my mother pack household goods and then he left to report for duty. My mother came up 3 weeks later by bus. The bus stopped in Elizabethtown and she got off and called for my Dad to come get her. She then went to a restaurant, (which is still there as well as the owner), and asked for something to eat at the door. The man replied, "Sure thing, Darling". My Mom said, "Is there somewhere I should sit? The man said, "Uh yeah, you ought to sit in the booth seats, those are a lot more comfortable than the regular tables or the high tops." My mom paused and said, "Yes, but I mean where?" The man looked puzzled for a minute and then it dawned on him. He said, " can sit anywhere you like." After he brought her some water and took her order he said, "Where are you from, honey." Mom said, "Alabama", and he said, "Oh I see."

Things have changed for the best, but the sense of entitlement was fed by the pandering of Democrats who successfully created an identity for themselves as "The friend of the downtrodden." I think the Typecasting occurred in the 70's and the eighties. The widening divide between rich and poor and the tax and small government philosophy of Reagan made poor people bitter. So we think of Republicans as being rich, opportunistic racists. I think it is undeserve. Of course I don't have anything against Republicans, "some of my best friends are Republicans". But the idea sticks, and when a moron like Lott makes a statement there is a huge backlash because of all of those harbored fears and distrustful cautions. So, in that regard the Republican Party has been typecast and I don't know what can be done. I guess we know how Ned Beatty feels. Even if he was doing a Broadway Production of Guys and Dolls we would still say, "Hey, isn't that the guy that got tossed across the log in Deliverance?"...Squeal like a pig, boy!

Friday, November 29, 2002


This morning I woke up when the baby monitor let me know that my little Alex was unhappy. I woke up went upstairs to the nursery and removed her from her little crib. After a few moments of fussing she calmed down and started sucking her thumb. I put a bottle on the warmer and changed her diaper. After a few attempts at singing pattycake, and a few other songs she let me know that it was time to eat. After she had her first bottle she was ready to go back to sleep. I walked bakc to my room and the next thing I heard was two pair of feet scrambling down the steps. Devon and Robbie came into the room singing Happy Birthday, after they finished they gave me a card that was signed by them and Alex. Something else, huh? After that Renee gave me a card and wished me a Happy Birthday as well. There is no birthday better than one that is shared with your family. I'm not sure what the rest of the day will hold for me, but I am looking forward to it. Now it is time to logoff the computer and play with the kids. Happy 31 to me.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Thanksgiving Day: Well, Thanksgiving is upon us and I feel like I have so much to be thankful for. This is the first Thanksgiving in the new house, and the first Thanksgiving with a new baby. We have some pretty big plans this weekend, we will be going to spend Thanksgiving with my wife's side of the family. This is going to be a big event as her family is so big. I really look forward to the event, because there is so much laughter and so much fellowship that goes on. The weather is cooperating though it is cold. The weatherman hinted at a snow storm earlier in the week, but we only had a few flurries. Incidentally in Kentucky we consider anything over three inches to be a snowstorm. I baked a huge pan of yams last night and I can't wait to tear into them. I love being with friends and loved ones over the holidays, and I love watching football. I really don't know who is going to be playing today, but it doesn't matter to me at all, I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I am praying that our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors who are stationed around the world have the best Thanksgiving possible. I know how difficult it is to be a long way away from family, so I just hope that everyone remembers our Armed Forces in their prayers. We should indeed be Thankful for all that they do.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Another week has come and gone in the Smith household. Devon culminated his football season by not only playing and unfortunately losing in the Championship game, but by also being selected for the All-Star game which was played at Kentucky State University. My dude was really excited! His soccer team played in the State Youth Soccer Championship and came home as Regional Champions, we unfortunately did not win it all, but there is always next year! Robbie's soccer team only lost two games this year, and Robbie scored at LEAST two goals per game. It goes without saying that I am the resident proud papa because of all that my boys have accomplished this year. Devon's grades are good, and he was elected to the student council....hell we never had student council when I was in elementary school....My lovely wife is doing well, and my brand new baby girl has been the picture of health since her birth this summer....[more entries to come soon]

Monday, October 28, 2002

Man, the time went back this morning.... I luuuuuuuuuv Daylight Savings Time....only in the Fall though....feels like an extra hour of sleep.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Deleted Post Angry about having my tires slashed.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Okay, I have been woefully neglectful in updating this weblog. I just haven't had the time to do anything. So many wonderful, magical things have happened since April. If you look below you will note my last post about the Kentucky National Guard. I am still with my unit, but I am attached to the 238th OCS regiment for training. So this time next year I will no longer be an enlisted man, I will be an officer. I will need that extra money because I have another mouth to feed! Praise God! My wife gave birth to a beautiful 7 pound, 8 ounce baby girl named, Alexandra. I tell you what, there is no feeling in the world like watching your child come into the world. I thought to myself that it was so funny that I could love someone so much that I have only known for a few days. Renee is doing well, she is recovering very well and is going to take some much needed time off from work. The boys are fantastic. Robbie is playing soccer, and Devon is playing soccer and football. My folks are elated because they now have their first grandchild. I suppose no situation is perfect, but I have yet to find fault with this one.

Monday, April 15, 2002

I've reserved very little time for blogging as of late. I have a few minutes while running reports at work so here goes. Things have been going fairly well for me. Work is hectic, but it is manageable. The boys are doing well, why wouldn't they be, warm weather is moving in and school is almost out! :-) I went to training for the Kentucky National Guard, and actually had a great time. We went to the M-16 range this weekend and qualified. I always loved going to the range, especially when I was in the Regular Army. I went to the zero range and zeroed my weapon in 9 shots. (Ummm.....nine shots after I finally got my rear sight set correctly, but we won't talk about how many times I fired before I figured out that this was the problem.) But, I ended up getting stuck at the TOC (Tactical Operations Center) for a few hours before I went to the qualifying range. Generally you have about 3 chances to perfect your score, but unfortunately I missed much of the range day. I went down to the qualifying lane and hit 28 out of 40 targets. (I thought I hit more because they had problems with the range computer all day.) I suppose that wasn't too bad. I hadn't fired an M-16 since about 96 or 97 and since it takes 23 to qualify I suppose I shouldn't complain. One of the better things that came out of this experience was the fact that I now know for a fact that I need glasses. I couldn't see the 300 meter targets very well and I don't know if I was able to hit any of them I felt pretty good about the other targets. I am a bit rusty as compared to my days in the Active Army. Up until this weekend I had never hit less than 33 out of 40. I have a great time when I go to drill though. I do my fair share of complaining about the weather, the food, and the mission, but I would not miss it for the world. There is a guy named Tallant who I hang out with most of the time. I wish I had a picture of him....the guy looks and acts just like Jim Carrey, and keeps all of us laughing most of the time. When I first met him he was hanging around with a guy from his Regular Army unit named Weber. Weber is a goofball, and I immediately didn't like him at all, so I assumed Tallant was just like him. But, actually they are worlds apart. I suppose that should be a lesson for me on presuppositions. After drill this weekend I drove to Lexington to meet my wife and kids over at my mother-in-law's house. It was Sunday dinner as usual and even though I was tired I still ran a couple of errands and helped my brother-in-law Roger out with a "snake" problem at his house. He had a whole pile of wood stacked up next to his house and needed it moved. The only problem is that he hates snakes and didn't want to risk running into one while moving the wood. I was happy to do it for him and I actually saw two. I managed to hit one with a stick and kill it, but I missed the other one. After I finished with the wood I headed home to shower and rest for the night. So starts another week in the life of D. Kelly Smith, but oh well, its my life and I wouldn't change anything for the world.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

I will never ever, ever......

Man, I woke up one day and looked in the mirror and I still saw the same old me. I look in the mirror every morning so I wouldn't notice any quiet changes. One morning I looked in the mirror and thought...."Man, I'm 30". I took a pair of tweezers and yanked a gray hair out of my goatee. Too early for that shit stuff man. In the grand scheme of things thirty is pretty young, I don't have to get up during the middle of the night to ease my bladder. My list of prescriptions doesn't boast viagra in its membership. But, I realize that there are so many things that I can't do now. Even though I never thought about some of those things before and I never had the money, talent, or time to embark upon them there is a feeling of finality when you say out loud. I will never be a professional athlete. I will never be rich. I will never be twenty-something again. I will never be a full-time student again. I will never...gulp! have an entire summer to myself. I will never be carefree again. What brought this on? Hell, I have no idea, I thought about this when I was dropping my children off at school and daycare today. Slowly, surely I have become my father. Of course that is not a bad thing by any stretch. I definitely don't have the romantic street stories to fall back on when I fail. Every black man in the world says, "I never knew my daddy" as an excuse for fucking messing up in life. I had it rough man, my dad was ALWAYS asking me where I was going, what I was doing, how my grades were, what time my games and practices were, whether or not I had done my chores and everything. To quote the popular street vernacular, my folks were always up in "My business my businaaaaas." I look back at all that they have done for me and I have to think to myself. "They did so much for me and my sisters that they had to put things that they wanted to do on the back burner, and I never even thanked them for it." I guess that is what parenting is about. I have two now, and I am anxiously awaiting the third on August 23rd of this year. That will be it though, finito, no more kids. Not because I don't want them, but because I want to be able to care for what I have properly. I will never, ever have another child after this one. I will never have free time like I used to when I was a single man with no responsibilities. I will never, (at least for the next 10 years) be able to sleep in on a Saturday without Bugs Bunny and the road runner blaring at 7:00 in the morning. I will never not have someone to worry and pray about daily. I will never be the most important person in my life ever again. I will never do a lot of things, and I am so grateful for the reasons why.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Out with the winter in with the spring........

Kentucky weather is notoriously unpredictable...especially in the spring. The temperature has been going up and down like a Yo-Yo and now we are in the midst of monsoon-like weather. There has been flooding here in Kentucky and in other places in the south. I think I heard on a weather report that a woman was killed by a mudslide in far western Kentucky. Man, can you imagine that? I have been on a slow, yet painful road back to physical fitness for the last week. I decided that I needed to pull this decrepit 30 year old body back into some semblance of shape. I don't really hurt right now, I have just been amazingly stiff every morning when I wake up. I went to the YMCA today on my lunch break and played 2 games of pickup and did a light weight I sit here now I feel completely refreshed and relaxed, but I know how I will feel in the morning. But, oh well, that is the price we pay for vegetating all winter. Well, nothing major going on so I will cease my rambling.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Well, things at work have been somewhat of a mess, and I am proud to say that none of it is my fault. But, unfortunately the area in which I work is directly affected. Therefore it is my problem. Who ever said life was fair, huh? Well, I am trucking right along through life at any rate. Yesterday was Devon's first soccer practice of the Spring, and I must say he performed marvelously. I don't think he has lost a step or a touch since last season. I am looking forward to this upcoming season. I took a few photographs of him yesterday and I can't wait to get them developed. I am thinking about a whole new design for the website, but I don't know when I would have the time to do it. I certainly don't want it to be down for any great length of time. Well, more to come later. Peace!

Monday, February 18, 2002

Hoodwinked, Bamboozled, Led-astray! I couldn't believe what happened this weekend, Renee was showing a lot of excitement about an outing with her friend Michelle. She wanted to go to the Atomic Cafe in Lexington for some type of Carribean celebration. That was cool, I hadn't planned on doing much that weekend anyway, so we decided to stay the night in Lexington on Friday night. I didn't work on Friday because Devon and Robbie didn't have school. We just ran around a little bit having a good time. By the time we got back home Renee was there watching television and she seemed to be a little bit "antsy". She really wanted to get out of the house, she claimed that Michelle was going to get her hair done and she wanted to go with her. So I said, "Well babe, just go on...I have a few things to do, and then I will come on up afterward." She was happy and immediately took off. I finished a load of laundry, packed some clothes for the boys and headed to Lexington. Before we got on the Interstate I stopped by the video store and rented "Raiders of the Lost Ark". (I am trying to show the boys what great movies were out there to watch when I was a kid.) I arrived at my Mother-In-Law's and no sooner than I could get through the door she said, "Roger said he was coming here to get you because you all were supposed to meet up." That was certainly strange....I hadn't talke to Roger (Renee's Brother) all day. Surprisingly a couple of minutes later he walks through the door and started pressing me to go with him to Strauss's (A cigar store) and to grab a beer and shoot some pool with him. I thought about not going, because I was not sure when Renee was going to be back, but I decided to go along. I called downstairs to Devon, and said, "Dude, I will be back in about an hour and then we can watch the movie." He said, "Ooookay", he sounded a little bit disapointed but I knew I would be right back. I jumped in the car with Roger and we started driving toward the downtown area. Roger seemed a little bit distracted, but we still made small talk. We pulled up at the Hyatt regency (where the cigar shop is located), andwent in. Roger hemmed and hawed around the cigars and selected a few. We went to the bar and had a couple of drinks, and Roger started rambling again! Something was very strange. Then he says, "Make this run with me real quick." He goes over to the elevator and heads up toward the 6th floor. Roger just smiled the entire time, as we exited the elevator I said, "Hey man, don't have me sleeping on the couch tonight." He just laughed and walked toward the end of the hall. He knocked on a hotel door and waited. I said, "Who is in here", he laughed as the door opened and said. "See you tomorrow." I was in shock, he was walking away and whoever opened the door was standing behind it where I could not see them. I didn't move, I just peered into the room in amazement, finally Renee's head popped from around the corner. "Come in"! she said. I walked in not knowing what was going on, I looked around the room and saw that she had purchased one of the Valentine's Day packages at the hotel. Some of my slacks, dress shirts, and ties were laying on the bed for me to put on. (Thank goodness since I was wearing basketball shoes, warmup pants, and a sweatshirt.) She smiled and said, "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY BABY!! Go take a shower and get dressed. Boy, she had me completely fooled. I took a shower, dressed, and let her lead me back downstairs to the hotel restaurant where we had Lobster and Filet Mignon. It was so unbelievable, after dinner we went back upstairs and spent a quiet, loving, and romantic evening together. I have to say it was my best Valentine's Day ever.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

February 14th, 2002. I have a lot to be thankful for on this Valentine's Day. This is the first Valentine's Day that I will be spending as a married man. A married man with two children and one on the way. Simply unbelievable. I always dreamed about being in this position, but it always seemed as if it would never arrive. There is nothing I like more than having a close family about me. I see so much love in my house. From the two young boys that run wild, to the beautiful woman whom I have pledged my life too. From the warmth of her touch, to the gentle swell of her belly that holds a new life, nothing could be better. I am looking forward to this weekend where I will attend the right of acceptance for the final phase of my conversion to the Catholic faith. I am not sure what the evening will hold in store for me. I am going to head out of here today in high hopes of continuing with that routine that I have grown so fond of. All of the things that are important to me are as secure and certain as the morning sun. I do worry about the small things, but I am learning to let some of them go and concentrate more on what is truly important in life. hmmm....well enough of that. Let me rant for a moment. I was reading an article today that stated that R. Kelly was being investigated for allegedly taping himself and a 14 year old girl having sex. Aside from the marriage between himself and Aaliyah there have been three other charges by three seperate girls stating that he had engaged in sexual misconduct with them. My question is, "Why in the hell is he not in jail?" It may sound like a blatant overreaction, but I can not, and will not continue to support a man whose moral character in question so much. I do agree that there is such a thing as innocent until proven guilty, but I also think there is such a thing as, "Where there is smoke there is fire." I am sure that quite a few men have been accused of misconduct when they were entirely innocent, but why would he be in such a position on so many occassions.....things that make you go hmmm.....well that is it for me, I am out of here for the day.

Monday, January 14, 2002

Well, this weekend passed me by with no major incident. I was at National Guard duty all weekend so I basically had a seven day work week. I suppose that in a way it makes Monday not quite as insufferable since I had to be up earlier for drill than what I usually am to go to work. I had to come in this morning at 6:30 to do the time posting and project updating. I woke up a little earlier and got the boys moving on their daily routine. Renee was feeling pretty good this morning so that was definitely an added plus. I thought about all that we are going to experience over the next nine months and I had to smile. Can you imagine that? Three kids? Wow! I am really looking forward to the birth of this child and all that comes with it. I am still trying to learn all of the details of this job because I think I am going to be the only one working in this capacity in the next few months. My, My, little time has passed, but there have been major changes in my life over the past year. I think 2001 and 2002 have been the most remarkable years of my life. I got a new job, got married, turned 30, got my wife pregnant, and have had a serious turn around for the better in regard to Faith. I have been married for approximately five and a half months and things are going pretty well. Of course we do have our ups and downs like all couples, and they tell me that the first year is the hardest. I have been able to swing this with no problem and if it is going to get easier after this we have it made! LOL! Well, things may not get easier, but as long as we keep the love we have for one another in perspective then everything will be okay. Everything will be okay.

Thursday, January 03, 2002

This morning I woke up before the alarm went off with a pressing need to get ready. I got up, showered, dressed, and began attending to Devon and Robbie. After they were dressed I went outside to start the cars and scrape the ice off of the windshield. After I dropped Devon off at school and Robbie at the Daycare, Renee and I headed to Lexington. We arrived at our destination and signed in. Although we only waited about 15 minutes, it seemed like an eternity. We finally got the call and went into the room. After all of the devices were turned on and Renee was in position we looked at the screen. All I could see was a little knot and a tiny flicker. The lady put the cursor on the flicker and tapped a button. I said, "What's that?" She smiled and said, "That is your baby's heartbeat."