Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Contender


Generally I am anti-reality television, but I thoroughly enjoyed "The Contender". I was happy about the final, but I would have rather seen Alphonso fighting Sergio in the final. Peter was a straight-up guy, and Sergio was a straight-up guy. Great fight, great series, no cattiness. I would love to see a Contender II, and damn...was that soundtrack the shit or what?!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Derby 131

Derby 131 was pretty good this year. Of course I finished about 100+ dollars in the hole. But, oh well I had a good time. I had a hunch about the #4 hourse called "Noble Causeway". Noble Causeway is a horse that was getting increasingly better as this year progressed. He had run the Derby length before, and had finished worse than second only once in his last 6 races. He was known to cruise the first turn, and come on stronger as the races progressed.

Noble Causeway was foaled in 2002 and bred in Kentucky by the Baums. He is a Nick Zito horse which seemed to bode well for me. Nick Zito is a famous trainer who has bred not one, but two derby winners. Noble Causeway is a chestnut colored colt who had beautiful muscle tone. So, I put an undisclosed amount of money across the board on this horse, and for all I know...he is still running.

My wife, really likes the colors of pink and green, and she picked Giacomo because the rider's silks were colored pink and green. Scientific, huh? I sniffed and snorted at her choice, but in the end, on a $2 across the board bet she raked in about $170. Next year I am going to go with my hunches again, but I am putting double that amount on my wife's color choice.

It didn't seem like rocket science to me, but my wife looked great in pink and green, why shouldn't a jockey do well that is wearing pink and green silks?

Well, I lost my butt at the Derby, but the drinks were great, and I got to wear my new shirt. I guess the weekend wasn't a total waste after all!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sorry for the long drought....

I am going to post again on a regular basis soon. Unfortunately I have been so busy that I have neglected my writing in my journal as well as my online blog. I haven't updated my website in over a year, so I would say I am suffering from a devestating case of lethargy in regard to writing. More to come soon....I promise.