Thursday, November 29, 2001

Well, by the date of this post you can see how attentive I have been to my weblog. Unfortunately my journal at home has much greater cause for protest. I decided to post this message today because everyone else thinks that this should be a special day. Today when I woke up, my twenty-something phase of my life was behind me. November 29th, 1971 to November 29th, 2001, exactly 30 years ago today I was born into this world, and it has been one hell of a ride ever since. I suppose many people, (women for the most part), look at turning 30 with the resolute drudgery that they are OLD, I don't mean older....I mean OLD. I suppose this realization deals with the idea that there are certain dreams, goals, and aspirations that will never come to fruition because you are just too rotten OLD! Well, I suppose that is the case, but I am so happy with my life it really doesn't matter to me. I consider my life to be a journey, and I proceeded on this journey with the realization that I was not ever going back to the starting point. So, there is no such thing as a wrong turn, because there will always be another way back onto the expressway. I woke up this morning about 6:00 a.m., showered, shaved, dressed, and got the boys up and dressed as well. I fixed a little something to eat and woke Renee up about 7:00. She woke up with a smile and wished me a Happy Birthday and 15 minutes later I was on the road to drop the boys off at Daycare and School. By 7:50 I was at my desk going over the notes I have made thus far on the beta test of the new software we are trying. Sandra, the lady from the cubicle across from mine wished me a Happy Birthday, and I got a call from my oldest sister. I suppose the magic of birthdays is the greatest as a child, I don't feel indifferent, but I consider it to not only be a tribute to the anniversary of my birth, but a reason to look back at what has happened since my last birthday, and measure the substance of its growth. A lot has happened between 29 and 30 that I am very grateful for. I am a child-of-God, a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend, a frat brother, a cousin, a co-worker, and a helper. So I feel good today, not because today is my birthday, but simply because today is a good day for a multitude of reasons. No need to wish me a happy Birthday.....I feel great because today is my birthday, and I already AM happy.

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