Friday, November 22, 2002

Another week has come and gone in the Smith household. Devon culminated his football season by not only playing and unfortunately losing in the Championship game, but by also being selected for the All-Star game which was played at Kentucky State University. My dude was really excited! His soccer team played in the State Youth Soccer Championship and came home as Regional Champions, we unfortunately did not win it all, but there is always next year! Robbie's soccer team only lost two games this year, and Robbie scored at LEAST two goals per game. It goes without saying that I am the resident proud papa because of all that my boys have accomplished this year. Devon's grades are good, and he was elected to the student council....hell we never had student council when I was in elementary school....My lovely wife is doing well, and my brand new baby girl has been the picture of health since her birth this summer....[more entries to come soon]

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