Thursday, July 17, 2003

Feel homesick...just don't feel unappreciated. You most certainly are not.

Unfortunately it seems that there are aggressive actions perpetrated against our troops on a daily basis. The length of time the troops have been there, and the different type of action that they have had to endure has made it very difficult for them to stay motivated. Reporters are telling us about how their hearts aren't in it. People can point the finger at Bush I suppose, everyday I hear the growing discontentment with the lack of substantive proof of weapons of mass destruction. My, oh my. Who would have thought that we would ever be back in Iraq. Much less occupying it with troops. Troops that are facing a faceless enemy who employs guerilla tactics.

I can't imagine what the men must be going through. Having to worry so much everyday, and having to see their fellow soldiers killed and maimed. They do what they can to keep one another's spirits up, but that nagging feeling of not being able to come home must way on them every day. While each day that passes is literally a day closer to coming home, it is yet another chance for a fellow soldier to be killed or maimed. Times like this will make individual units pull together like family. There is no fear in the world like that of losing someone you are close to.

I just have a few words for the soldiers that are overseas serving. "Please don't think we have forgotten about you. We most certainly have not, though we have come to believe the fact that so long as you stand guard we will never be harmed; please don't think that we will ever take you for granted. Some of us hang up posters and ribbons and wave flags in the expectation that you will return unharmed. Some of us angrily yell at our leaders and demand that you be brought home. Some of us bask so heavily in the liberty that you preserve that we sometimes say, and do insensitive things that may seem to marginalize your exploits. But, believe us when we say we appreciate you. We are proud of you. We are Americans. Please come home soon."

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