Thursday, February 19, 2004

Boulder Colorado...

Sixth rape allegation surfaces at CU

I just don't understand what is going on in Boulder. Everything from the alleged sex parties to lure recruits, to the unreported six elleged rapes, to the football coach. I went to Boulder for 4 days in 1999, and I have to tell you that I loved the place. I walked around on the University of Boulder campus quite a few times. The one thing that surprised me greatly was the fact that there were absolutely no overweight people there. Everyone was jogging, walking, roller-blading, and working out. The campus was absolutely beautiful, the air was fresh and clean, and there was no smoking in any public facility. Shoot, I thought I had found paradise. I don't doubt that there are some shady goings on in Colorado, but I do wonder why these rape allegations have not come out until now. I don't completely dismiss the veracity of these claims, but I do submit that SOMEBODY had to know SOMETHING. I pray to God that when my daughter comes of age that she will have the courage and the trust in me to let me know if someone does something to me.

I would comment on how the coach talked about the abilities of the female place kicker. I am fired up enough to let him have it, but I can't waste the virtual ink on a slug like that. All I can say is whether the girls claims are true or false, it takes a piss poor excuse for a man to berate athletic skills in the wake of a woman saying she was assaulted. Lord, who knows what will come out of this next.

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