Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Daydreaming about money....

I want to be rich. I don't mean rich so that I could be on MTV cribs giving a tour of some gaudy South Beach dwelling. I want to be wealthy. Wealth that makes your name famous in the old money circles. I want to be romantically wealthy, you know, the cocky, arrogant, Thomas Crown sort of wealth. The kind of wealth that makes the irritating things I do seem like romantic eccentricities. I want to be wealthy so that the only thing that keeps me from indulging my children's every whim is the desire that they not be COMPLETE spoiled brats. The kind of wealthy that would let me take my wife to the Carribean for two weeks on a day's notice.

I want to be the kind of wealthy that affords me anonymity. The kind of wealthy that lets everyone know your name, but not know what you look like. I want to have inexplicable tastes that most people cannot pronounce. I want the sort of wealth that educates me and makes me understand what the other half does. I want to have the wealth that will allow me to do things for a number of people. I want to be able to reach out and do something to help the kid whose parents can't afford a life-saving medical procedure. I want to be the wealthy that builds schools, libraries, and gymnasiums and names them for whomever I choose. I want to be the wealthy that is admired not simply envied.

I want to be wealthy in spirit.

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