Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Brad Pitt takes his lumps...

I know...I know...."Why in the world is Kelly commenting on something as trivial as celebrity breakups?" I do know that they are quite common in Hollywood, and other places, but this one was sort of interesting. Not in the fact that it happened, but in the way people purport to know the reason behind it. Apparently Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have asked people to respect their feelings and their rights in regard to this. Nice try, but you know the media is going to have a field day with this. If they covered Bennnifer in its entirety, you know they will exhaust all efforts on Brad and Jen. Unlike J-Lo and Ben Affleck, these two are actually likeable and have some acting talent.

I admit that rumors in Hollywood are about as predictable as weather in Kentucky, but some of the more juicy rumors that flew around were those that hinted at marital infidelity on the part of Brad with Angelina Jolie. The most popular rumor, and the one most likely to be some hint of the truth is the fact that they had different ideas about when and if they would start a family. Generally people think about women being the ones that pine for children and all that goes along with it. I remember when Benjamin Bratt and Julia Roberts broke up people crucified her. I still don't know the reason for that. I haven't really seen people take sides on this one, more often than not people just say they are sad to hear that Brad and Jen have gone splitsville. But one article that pointed the finger of blame caught my eye.

I am an avid reader of, and I enjoy reading articles by Rebecca Traister. But, I have to say that she is being horribly unfair in regard to this breakup.

She starts her article off by saying that Jennifer Aniston is being pilloried for putting her career before motherhood. If anything Traister is garroting Brad for wanting a family. I see nothing wrong with Jennifer Aniston thinking of her career at this stage in her life, at 35 she only has a few more years to be thought of as "sexy" to the 25-34 year old populace which supports the movie industry. Besides, as a lot of people say, a woman's biological clock does not run down as fast as what it used to. But, is Brad Pitt so wrong to have a strong urge for children at 41? I think I can understand his point of view, why not have kids and be young and energetic with them? But, he is being cast as the demanding husband with the wife-beater tee shirt on in that Salon article. Here are some wonderfully one-sided quips by Traister.

The media lesson we're all being fed in the wake of the breakup--whether it bears even a passing resemblance to the realities of Pitt and Aniston's marriage--is glaringly clear: You may land a hot husband, ladies, but you'd better pop one out soon, or you won't keep him.

Pitt hasn't helped matters by dragging his sorry ass around town and opining to anyone who'll listen--Vanity Fair, Diane Sawyer--about how eager he is for kids.

Sheesh! Give me a break! That smacks of misandry. Feminism is fine, but when it comes across as "men bad, women good", it gets tiresome. Why does Brad Pitt have to be a "sorry ass" just because he is open and honest about wanting children? Were the shoe on the other foot, and beautiful Jennifer wanted children and he did not, then I am sure that Traister would have accused him of being an over-the-hill perpetual playboy that needed to "grow up". I can just imagine the entreaties for Jennifer to "move on", and "forget him." Of course that is basically what is happening now. From my understanding of some news articles, she asked for the split, but he was not too far behind. My take on this is simply this: If two people want two separate things in regard to family, perhaps it is time to step back and evaluate whether there is a future. This doesn't have to entail mud-slinging, nasty court battles, or anything else. I hope Aniston and Pitt continue to be civil to one another, and who knows...maybe they will eventually get back together.

Lastly, I hope Traister and all of the other press hounds remember this request from the couple.

"For those who follow these sorts of things, we would like to explain that our separation is not the result of any speculation reported by the tabloid media. This decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration, we ask in advance for your kindness and sensitivity in the coming months."

I think Traister needs to take note of the last line, and finally forgive that guy that stood her up for Senior Prom.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, there are at least two sides to every story.


kiesha said...

this is an interesting take on the brad & jenn situation, especially from a guy lol. i was kinda surprised at their break up (not that i care though lol)
btw, i ran across your blog while i was clicking through the blackblogs webring.