Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pregnant woman's remains found near Philadelphia
Police arrest former boyfriend

Not surprising, the suspect is a former boyfriend who was caught with a pistol and was wearing a bullet proof vest. Not to jump on the bandwagon with other folks who quickly turn to the race card, I wonder why this lady's missing disappearance didn't garner the media coverage and the man power that the Laci Peterson and Natalee Holloway case have? Any thoughts from anyone?

I personally believe that while it may not be an out and out conspiracy to basically ignore the plight of missing women who are not white and attractive, I believe that it is an unconscious lack of concern. Perhaps this is fostered by the notion that crime is pervasive throughout the black and latino community. Other people share my point of view, and in a related article a representative of MSNBC takes exception to this view.

Mark Effron, vice president of MSNBC News Daytime Programming, disagrees. Effron said the stories of missing women typically bubble up from local network affiliates who are covering the stories based on the public outcry they generate in their home communities."It's not like there's a kind of cabal where MSNBC and CNN and Fox get together and say, 'Boy, this is a good one. That's not a good one,' " he said. "Usually, there's an involved family that tends to be sophisticated in how to use the media."I'm not disputing numbers. What I'm telling you is that we have never, ever, ever turned down a story based on race or any of those factors."

I am not going to snipe his statement, or over analyze any statements he made, but I was dismayed to see him say that some "involved family" tends to be "sophisticated in how to use the media". My contention is that the family of the missing person should not be what drives the media machine, the story in of itself should be enough. Woman missing, young, pretty, pregnant....print the story, let people know about it, and I guarantee it will have a life of its own. Just my thought though.


Call Me Grandma said...

Very tragic story.
Thanks for your service to our country. God Bless.

~K said...

I agree with MOM, it is very tragic. Sickens me.
I also agree with you, get the story out. Let peope see who and I bet it wouldn't take so long to get solved. Seeing a story may just jog someones memory.
She was a beautiful person. Pregnant to boot. The Story should have been more public.

Rhonda said...

I teach women's studies, and when Laci Peterson went missing, I asked my class then if they believed the story would get the same media attention if Laci weren't a middle-class white woman. About half of the white students said it would, while the black and Asian students all said no way. I hope they noticed the incredible discrepancy in how these two stories were treated.

(I found your blog from Jan's blog. We went to high school together. I'm glad to see you've done so well.)