Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Something about Michelle Malkin.....

Do you know what I think about Michelle Malkin? Being a liberal sort of guy, my appraisal of Michelle Malkin is not much different than the average guy. I don't agree with her politics, her ideology, or her world view. I am not sure that I would be in diametric opposition to everything that she says, but we would probably disagree about a number of things. I don't think she is the scornfully derisive soul that Ann Coulter is. (Plus she has much better glamour shots on her page than Coulter.) But I tell you this much, I don't think about Michelle Malkin all of the time.

Apparently someone does though. A person tracked her flight time, as well as her post times to "prove" that someone else does her posting for her. That may or may not be true, but I have to ask. "What difference does it make?" This sort of nitpicking on minor subjects is a signature maneuver that my party makes. When he could have been devoting more time to the pressing issues that face our country, or our world, he decides to investigate the posting and flight times of a right wing political pundit. Great use of resources. Am I the pot calling the kettle black? Nope, I'm a Soldier who blogs about most everything from family to sports to politics. This is fun for me. He is a vaunted academician with a catchy website title. That is the major difference.

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MJB said...

I just hope this strange obsession of his doesn't overshadow his valuable scholarship and his repeated, substantive, embarassing (for Malkin) dissections of her "writing".