Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ft. Hood, Texas.

I will be going to Ft. Hood Texas tomorrow on TDY for some additional training before I go to Iraq. I am looking forward to getting the hell out of Camp Shelby for a little while. The VOQ( Visiting Officer Quarters) are filled up, so I will be staying in Killeen. It will be nice to sleep in a nice bed with with clean sheets, central air, and running water in the room. I will only be there for three days, but that is okay, it will be enough of a break for me.

I have roughly twenty-four more days here before we get validated and I can go home on leave to see my family for the last time. I am looking forward to those nine days so I can reconnect with my wife and kids. I will also like the idea of not having a task to perform. I have not had a day off work since the 5th of July, and I am feeling the strain. More than the workload, the heat, and the ever-changing demands, the not knowing what is going to come next is the hardest part about this training. There are so many more things that we have to do because we are an Infantry Battalion as opposed to a combat support or combat service support outfit. Well, I am off for the day, so I think I am going to try and do some laundry and maybe write some letters.

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vicki said...

Good to hear you're doing okay and going home to visit the Mrs. and the kids...I bet they miss you.