Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well today sucks, but at least......

....I got to talk to the wife and the kids today. But, things are very bad for me today. Not in the "war is hell, but the men are brave", sort of way. Just bad all around. I am sore from attempting to lift weights. I didn't leave the FOB today, I was stuck behind the desk doing tons of paperwork which is not my favorite thing to do, and I think I am getting a stomach bug.

And do you know what is worse than that? The theme from "Welcome Back Kotter" keeps going around and around my head for some reason. I think I have discovered a torture tactic that we could use to get detainees to spill the beans on where weapons caches and terror cells are located. Duct tape them to a chair and play the theme music from sitcoms circa 1972 to 1979.


Marty said...

D- I pray that song is still going through your head when you return home. Not to drive you crazy, but to relish as you return to your wife and children.

Keep it safe, Mr. Kot-tier! (er...Smith.)

Anonymous said...

DKELSMITH: First of all, thank you for your service. Also, a belated Happy Birthday. I found your blog when I was Googling looking for photos of soldiers praying. I work with a Christian nonprofit organization serving the military and I would like permission to use a photo from your site. Can you please contact me at mark-rasmussen@comcast.net? Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Mark in Denver