Monday, December 25, 2006

Mirror Pic for Christmas....

Well, my post a couple of days before Christmas kind of betrayed the Christmas blues that I was feeling despite the fact that I was trying to pull off the notion that I could have cared less about Christmas. I talked to my parents, my sisters, and my wife today. My kids were too engaged with Christmas presents at the time that I called, and on top of that I got pulled off the phone to take care of some things. I do feel pretty good, however.

Today was a normal day in regard to having work, having deadlines, and having the constant threat of AIF. But all in all I feel good. It is Christmas. Nobody can take that from me, no matter how far from home I may be, the celebration of Jesus' birthday is something that kind of helps me focus while I am here so far away from home.

Of course the AIF didn't take a break today, but they were a little more quiet than usual. We caught a 60mm earlier today, and I heard a few more explosions in the distance. I took a picture today just so that someday I can look back and say this is what I looked like on Christmas Day 2006 in the middle of Iraq. I took a Mirror Pic at that. Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.


Quaker in a Basement said...


Pencils and shuckalotta delivered to Denver USPS today, 27 December.

Tell Cline to keep his eyes open for eight cartons. More to come.

elisabeth said...

Ok, go ahead delete it- and I won't bother saying all I want to say... but write more! and hurry home.