Wednesday, November 22, 2000

November 22nd, 2000.....My mother was born 66 years ago today. Wow....I never thought that the age of 66 could seem so young to me! Maybe it is just because I am getting older...I am not going to be able to come home, but I am going to call her and wish her a happy birthday, I am going to see her tomorrow so that is when I am going to give her a gift and a card. This will also be the first Thanksgiving that Renee and I will spend together. Last year we went to out seperate homes, but we are making a concerted effort to be at one another's house for this special day, we are still working out the details for Christmas time. was born in 1934, and dad in seems inconceivable at times. They were born in an entirely different world. A world where poor black folks from the South had little chance of making it out of their respective rural communities, but yet, they did. I wonder how well I would have fared had I been born with so many things stacked against me. Mom and Dad were able to stay together and maintain their marriage for over 46 years...raise 3 children, see all of them graduate from college and go on to be self-sufficient. *sigh* In this day and time they are the exception to the rule in my book. I just called mom a minute ago, but she was not home...she always likes to go to the mall to walk for exercise in the morning. Hmmm...I wish I could be that motivated. Well, more later.

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