Thursday, December 07, 2000

Wow, today is something else. I just got out of an insufferably long staff meeting, and I still have a large pile of workthat I planned to have finished by the end of the day. Well, it looks as if I am SOL in that department. I have my interview with Valvoline tomorrow that I am looking forward to with a great deal of excitement. Sounds good to me....Competitive salary and benefits package, expense account, company car, cell phone, lap top, and a relocation package? I could definitely use a change like that in my life....shoot.....The money would be a blessing, and all of the perks....Wowee! I would be moving on up to the east side like George Jefferson! I am so excited about this chance at a new start in life. I think that it would be good, if I get the job, and relocation seems to be a certainty, I would push for an assignment that was at least in a contiguous state. The job also had an incentive and bonus package that allows you to earn bonuses up to 35% of your base salary. Can you say, "Incentive to sell?" Well, I am heading home now....wish me luck!


P.S. I love Renee.

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