Thursday, February 14, 2002

February 14th, 2002. I have a lot to be thankful for on this Valentine's Day. This is the first Valentine's Day that I will be spending as a married man. A married man with two children and one on the way. Simply unbelievable. I always dreamed about being in this position, but it always seemed as if it would never arrive. There is nothing I like more than having a close family about me. I see so much love in my house. From the two young boys that run wild, to the beautiful woman whom I have pledged my life too. From the warmth of her touch, to the gentle swell of her belly that holds a new life, nothing could be better. I am looking forward to this weekend where I will attend the right of acceptance for the final phase of my conversion to the Catholic faith. I am not sure what the evening will hold in store for me. I am going to head out of here today in high hopes of continuing with that routine that I have grown so fond of. All of the things that are important to me are as secure and certain as the morning sun. I do worry about the small things, but I am learning to let some of them go and concentrate more on what is truly important in life. hmmm....well enough of that. Let me rant for a moment. I was reading an article today that stated that R. Kelly was being investigated for allegedly taping himself and a 14 year old girl having sex. Aside from the marriage between himself and Aaliyah there have been three other charges by three seperate girls stating that he had engaged in sexual misconduct with them. My question is, "Why in the hell is he not in jail?" It may sound like a blatant overreaction, but I can not, and will not continue to support a man whose moral character in question so much. I do agree that there is such a thing as innocent until proven guilty, but I also think there is such a thing as, "Where there is smoke there is fire." I am sure that quite a few men have been accused of misconduct when they were entirely innocent, but why would he be in such a position on so many occassions.....things that make you go hmmm.....well that is it for me, I am out of here for the day.

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