Tuesday, June 24, 2003

If I could just get my hands around his neck.....

Now everyone has heard of "deadbeat dads", but this guy takes the cake. Apparently he went to visit the mother of his child, (baby mama), to implore her to date him again and she refused. So genius kidnaps her, drives her around, and then takes her back to the apartment. A huge argument ensues and he dangles his own daughter out of the window. She calls 911, and he tosses his own flesh-and-blood, out of the 7th story window. Miracle of miracles some tree branches slow her fall and she lands in a small square of mulched earth beneath the tree. The mother gets a kitchen knife and stabs him, and he runs from the apartment, scoops up the baby, and takes her to the hospital. Police find him there and arrest him. By God's grace the baby only had cuts and bruises.

I really don't know how to express what I am feeling when I think about a 10 month old baby being thrown from a 7th story window. My daughter is exactly the same age, and I catch my breath when she takes a tumble as she is pulling up on the coffee table. The idea that someone would do that to any child, let alone their own, completely baffles me. I hope they don't let him plead out, or offer him leniency for this act. I think the attempted murder charge should stand, and I hope they lock him up. The strange thing about this is the fact that I can see him claiming to want to see his child again someday.

Ahhh....enough. Typing about his sorry ass butt makes me sick.

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