Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Spike TV!

It would seem that the number of disgruntled men who have been forced to sit through reruns of "The Golden Girl's" with their Lifetime-Identifying wives is over. Now, men are getting their own channel. TNN formerly the Tennesse Nashville Network has changed to The National Network and is poised to change once again into Spike TV. A channel where men can watch wrestling, monster truck pulls, action cartoons called Striperella. The channel will also run reruns of shows such as CSI, and Star Trek. But, there is a monkeywrench in the works at Spike TV.

It seems that Spike Lee feels like the channel is trying to capitalize off of his celebrity. He claims that the show is trying to benefit off of an assumed allusion to something that has to do with him. He is presently suing. If you look at the picture above I think we should sue him for that blazer-shirt ensemble he has on. Additionally, I think his suit is baseless. When I think of Spike Lee, I am not thinking of anything that exudes extreme "manliness". No disrespect to Spike Lee, I think he is a talented director, but when I hear the word spike I think in this order.

1. Spiking a football.
2. The cartoon where the small dog says, "Hey Spike wanna beat up some cats?!"
3. What could happen if I don't watch my drink at the club.
4. The only thing exciting that happens during a vollebyall game.
5. The film director that shouldn't try to act.

So you see, Spike is way down on the list of relevance in regard to this case. He says that he finds the network to be "demeaning, vapid and quasi-pornographic content". An understandable argument if a person truly is pious in regard to temptations of the flesh. However, if you not only directed, but starred in a film called, "She's gotta have it".... incidentally Spike, filming a T&A movie in black and white doesn't make it art.... I really don't see your argument about boxing matches and a cartoon called "Striperella". But oh well, litigation is on the way. Let' s see what happens next on Spike TV.

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