Friday, September 19, 2003

Pimp Juice anyone?

I really can't believe that this is going to hit the markets. While I do admire the business savvy of today's stars, I think that we have become to complacent with the moral relativism of our society. Pimp is a bad term, no matter what the connotation. And, the idea of our youth, more importantly, my kids walking around with cans of "Pimp Juice" makes me shudder. Look at the can.....

The font inscription is reminiscent of those oh-so-unforgettable, but yet we would love to forget 1970's.
Too bad that kids nowadays look at the word "pimp", and they think of something "cool", "hip", or "stylish". I think it is really pathetic when you think about who a real pimp is, and what a real pimp does.

pimp ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pimp)
One who finds customers for a prostitute; a procurer.

intr.v. pimped, pimp·ing, pimps
To serve as a procurer of prostitutes.

I needn't waste your time in telling you how degrading this type of behavior is to me. I can anticipate how many kids between the ages of 16 and 21 will think that this is fashionable. It is really horrible to think about. Pimp and pimping has become so entrenched in "pop" culture that we still talk about things being "fly" or "pimp" when we think they are nice or fascinating or beautiful. Now it is not unlikely for two males to greet one another by saying, "Wassup pimp". "Not much playa"......damn that sounds ignorant. Now the dregs of society have been propelled from the greasy slime at the bottom of the barrel up to the top of the entertainment world. First through deeds on the streets, then in songs and videos, and now in a drink. I am afraid to say what my father is known for saying. "What in the hell will they come up with next?"

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