Wednesday, September 17, 2003

A very, very, very bad Daddy......

Second child caught in apparent murder-suicide dies
Police: Father intentionally drove SUV into truck
Tuesday, September 16, 2003 Posted: 6:36 PM EDT (2236 GMT)

You can view the article in its entirety here.

Stories like this utterly disgust me. This guy is worse than Susan Smith, if such an analogy is even possible. Apparently this guy was going through a divorce with his wife of 10 years, and things were not going his way. In an apparent suicide note he laments about not getting a job, and makes the bizarre statement that if he is not there to raise his kids, then "nobody would". I cannot imagine a person being cruel enough to hurt a child. Any child, let alone your own flesh and blood. Apparently he drowned his two year old daughter and attempted to drown his 4 year old son. Then the genius takes the other two kids in his SUV and pulls out in front of a tractor trailer that is hauling cars. Un-be-liev-a-ble. He is dead, his 8 year old died at the hospital, and the other child is still in critical condition. So in just a few hours he killed himself, two children, left the remaining two in critical condition. The mother had allowed him to pick up the kids on Friday, and he was supposed to bring them back on Sunday. I am sure that the mother is probably blaming herself, but how could anyone know that such a heinous act was about to be committed.

On a side note, this loser had the nerve to leave a suicide not detailing his wishes that he and the kids be cremated, and all of their ashes mixed up together. Yeah right. I think the nearest landfill would be the best place to leave his sorry carcass. I think those poor babies should be buried together. I can only imagine how much fear that the two year old, and the eight year old had before they died. What the hell was he thinking. I read the article in its entirety, and the part that was most sobering for me was hearing about the clothing that the children in the pond had on. It kind of gave you a picture of their cuteness and their innocence. Reading sad commentary like this will bring almost anyone to tears. Here is the excerpt from the CNN article.

"The boy was identified as 4-year-old Regal Randall. He was wearing red shorts and a yellow-and-blue pullover shirt. He was in critical condition at a hospital, according to police.

Police later found the body of Regal's 2-year-old sister, Yana, who was wearing a one-piece jumper."

Sad isn't it. Here is an excerpt from the loser's suicide note.

"Dearest family and friends, 'Why?' must be the question on your minds, the following are the reasons, I made too many mistakes, I would not allow those beautiful children to grow up in the manner in which you had raised them, I didn't get the latest job...,"

This guy is well on his way. And I hope the Devil bitch slaps him when he gets there.

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