Friday, January 23, 2004


An Afro-Saxon is a white person, who despite his genetics, tries his best to dress, talk, and act, like the stereotypical "Homeboy". Here is a transcript of my lunch order. He will be called a White Afro-Saxhon Homeboy. (W.A.S.H) The guy I saw had light brown hair, blue eyes, and was obviously caucasian. I will call him W.A.S.H.

I walk up to the counter.....

[W.A.S.H] "Whuddup Homey, whut can I git foya today?"

[Me]...pausing in disbelief...."Umm...I'll have a large Philly Cheese Steak with pizza sauce, and hold the onions. I also have a coupon for a free small one."

[W.A.S.H] " want fries or sumpin else wit dat?"

[Me] "Yes, I'll take a small fry."

[W.A.S.H] "You don't want no drank?"

[Me] "No thank you."

[W.A.S.H.] "You fa sho? The lemonade be TIGHT!"

[Me] "No thanks, I'll just have the sandwiches and fries."

[W.A.S.H.] "'ll be $8.67."

I hand him the money, and he notices my class ring.........

[W.A.S.H.] "Is dat a championship rang?"

[Me] "No, this is my class ring."

[W.A.S.H.] "What high school you go to?

[Me] "I went to E-town High School, but this is my ring from college, I went to K-State."

[W.A.S.H.] "Awww man, dey be some hoes up there?"

[Me] ......after a pause...."Yes, there are a lot of women that go to K-State, as a matter of fact there are more women than men."

[W.A.S.H.] "Das wut I'm talkin' about!"

I move toward the end of the counter where I pick up my food.

[Me] "Thanks....take care."

[W.A.S.H.] "You too playa!"

After I got my food and headed to the car I had to laugh.........Who says that multi-culturalism in the U.S. is not embraced?

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