Sunday, March 26, 2006

I will pray for Abdul Rahman...

Since I have been on this mission in Korea I have had less access to the internet than what I am accustomed. I got a chance to get on line a little while ago, and I happened across an article on CNN that talked about a born-Muslim who converted to Christianity approximately 16 years ago. He lived in Germany for a time, and converted then. It seems that his family turned him over to the authorities in Afghanistan because it is against the vaunted "sharia" law. The United States, Great Britain, and even the Pope have asked that this case be dropped out of respect for religous freedom. But, the Clerics in Afghanistan have demanded for this man to be executed unless he denies Christ and reverts to Islam.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am all about respecting culture, and I do my best to not look at other customs and religions with an air of superiority, but in this instance I think it is time for Aghanistan to step out of the Dark Ages and show appreciation for what many countries, (mainly the U.S.) have done in order to secure their "freedom". The free government system that awaits them is a de facto result of the Taliban's mistake in thinking that we wouldn't come over there and topple their regime if they did not cooperate in regard to handing over Osama bin Laden. But, it seems that instead of a small minority of corrupt leaders who were enslaving a populace, it seems that there are quite a few like-minded individuals who relish the idea of killing and maiming all those who are different.

I still don't agree with the idiotic notion that all Muslims are fanatics, or even the idea that the majority of Muslims in the world are fanatics. I will, however, say that there are a large number of Muslims with radical ideas about who should live, who should die, and why. I have to say that in my belief, unlettered as it may be, there are far fewer Christians who would wish for, hope for, and assist with the death of someone for being different. Of all of the descendants of Abraham, it seems that Ishmael is the most troubled throughout the word. Answering perceived injustice with blood has never been the way to survive in the world. Especially now in the age of technology when we can actually "see" what goes on in other parts of the world in real time. No longer will the revisionist, or the students of moral and culture relativism be able to justify, rationalize, or hide their inhuman actions. We all see actions for what they are, either good or evil.

Mohammed Karzai is under a lot of pressure in this situation. Does he want to seperate himself that much farther away from the conservative base in his country, or does he want to repay all of the economic, military, and political capital given to him by the West with a blood-soaked handshake. Time will only tell. I just hope that time is on Abdul Rahman's side....I will pray for him in the meantime.

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