Thursday, March 16, 2006

Korea Trip....Day 3

Well, I am into Day 3 of my trip, and I still have a few more until my unit gets here. Part of the problem of being advanced party is not knowing whether it is going to be "feast or famine" once you arrive. I am in waiting status to see what needs to be done before the rest of the Soldiers arrive. I will have a little bit of work to do tomorrow, but we shall see how that turns out. There were several plan changes today. Korea time, it is now 11:10 p.m. and I am trying to see how long I can stay up so that I can finally sleep all the way through the night. I just talked to my wife and my mother a little while ago, and they seem to be doing well. I have only been able to talk to my oldest, but I haven't been able to talk to my other two children.

Got a little bad news yesterday, twice over, but all we can do is realize, react, realign, and respond as best we can. I didn't bring my digicam on this trip, because I thought that once we headed out into the woods it would get messed up. It is indeed Monsoon season here, so I am looking forward to LOTS of dampness. I may buy a disposable, and see if I can periodically get to a location where I will have scan and computer access. I want to capture as much of the essence of Korea as possible.

Well, my body is so tired now that I feel as if I am about to get nauseous. I have been up since about 1:30 this morning. Hopefully this will allow me to sleep all the way through the night, and finally get on line with the South Korean time. Well, I will post more as time permits.

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May the peace and understanding of God's will be with you always.