Friday, May 05, 2006

I must be out of my mind....

I am going TDY for yet another two weeks for a Small Arms Master Gunner Course before my deployment to Iraq. Unfortunately, the first day of this TDY trip is on Derby Day...My wife and some of her girlfriends are going out to a Derby Eve party. I took this photo in the living room. I have to hit the road early tomorrow, so I decided to stay at home, finish going over my packing list, and then I am going to hit the hay. I took a good look at my wife in this photo and thought to myself, "Man she is looking good..." And I sent her out without me. I must be nuts! :-)

I suppose it was wrong to crop her friends out of the picture, here is the full photo that I edited.

The girl in the white is named Derita and the girl in the back is named Nyra. The girl in the brown is named Renee, and she is mine!

Here is a photo that my three year old daughter took tonight.

She is actually a better photographer than her Mom.


Anonymous said...

Hey brother. Sorry to hear you're going to Iraq. Whatever your feelings are about the war, bottom line, I'm sure it's disappointing to have to leave your beautiful family for such a long time. I'll keep the Bush bashing to myself, and just say that my prayers are with you. Do your thing, and come home safe bruh. -- marcus

vicki said...

but mama has pretty feet, doesn't she?