Sunday, October 15, 2006

More bad news...

Well, at this point I found out that I will be in this place longer than what I expected before I head to my assigned post up North.. The moral level of those of us who have yet to muster is beginning to dip low. There is only so much chow you can eat, DVD's you can watch, and weights you can lift before you become painfully aware of the cyclical monotony that you are trapped in. On top of that, a Junior Enlisted Soldier took it upon himself to adjust the air system in our tent and completely messed it up. I was awakened from a nap today by the sound of an NCO berating him. Aside from the loud voice that he used, there was an avalanche of profane invectives being heaped upon him as well. As I emerged from my nap, I realized that there was a sticky sheen of perspiration over my entire body. I was so hot and sweaty that my socks were moist despite the fact that I had removed my combat boots before I lay down. Most of the chew out session was over when I came to, but I heard this remaining salvo from the grizzled Sergeant.

"You keep your ass away from that congtrol, you're too goddamn stupid to adjust your belt let alone a damn thermostat. It's hottern' fuck in here cause a you!"

The tent was quiet for about 10 seconds and then the snickers begain. Unfortunately that was the most remarkable thing that I witnessed today.

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