Saturday, October 07, 2006

My strength and my weakness...

The following Video is one that I shot right before I left MCS. It was supposed to be light-hearted, but something happened in the middle of it. So much for living up to the stereotypical hard-as-nails Soldier. But, then again, what kind of a person would not be emotional about leaving his family. Especially a family like mine.

I suppose that some may wonder what the title of my post means. When I say my Strength and my Weakness, I am specifically referring to my family. Everything that I am, everything that I aspire to be, and everything that I will ever be flows from them. I wake up in the morning with my family being my purpose for being. All of my motivation, all of my pride, all of the perseverance I can ever muster is about them. They are my strength...however, at a time like this when I don't know when I will see them again I also realize that they are my biggest weakness. Without them I don't feel complete...I realize that I am nothing without them. Though I am physically detached from them, they are still mine, and I am theirs. This time apart lets me know what I have taken for granted many times in the past. My wife makes me want to be a better man, a better listener, and a better provider. My children make me want to be a better parent, a better listener, and a better role model. My parents make me want to be the same as well as a better son. My sisters make me want to be a better brother, more dependable, more successful. I have to wonder to myself where I would be without them. They are all that I truly have in this world. My everything.

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mmsheow said...

This is beautiful.

I am the eldest of 7, an Army brat (both parents were Active duty Army).

My heart is so filled, and splintering at the same time.

You've opened up some strong emotions here brother.

Keep the faith.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers daily until you return safe and sound to your family.

God Bless you and your comrads.

Peace be with you.


P.s. I've read you on & off through Elis' blog.