Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Today seemed like any other day for a multitude of reasons. Generally on my birthday I am awakened to a warm whispering kiss on my ear from my wife. Then perhaps a rendition of Happy Birthday from my kids and maybe a dinner and a gift in the evening. None of those things are possible right now, given my present location. I am going on my 5th month of being away from all of those things that are familiar to me, and I have quite a long way to go before my life goes back to normal.

Today is a day like any other, that consists of waking, shaving throwing on a uniform that has been worn a few days too many. Grabbing a quick breakfast and heading for the TOC to see whether the night before was uneventful, or uneventful for the patrols. It involves being simultaneously happy about non contact, and feeling guilty about wishing that there were more to be done. Today is a day, just like any other that I wish I were at home doing those things that at any other time I would find to be horribly mundane. Today is a day that I wish I were at home with nothing exciting or out of the ordinary to do.

Today is a day that I would laugh about how little I cared about marking another year on this earth. (My wife has somehow managed to stay 28 for the last several years) I would go about my day just as I would any other day, but the difference would be that I would sit in the comfort of familiar surroundings, loving people, and a landscape that is much more friendly than the one I am presently viewing.

Today I will go about my day just like any other, and tonight when I close my eyes to the darkness I will thank God for what I have. I will thank God for the reason that I have this longing in my heart on my birthday. I'll thank him for the reason that I am happy to celebrate another year on His earth.

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