Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I was daydreaming earlier today...about not being seperated from my wife. Actually about her being here with me. I imagine her living in the hootch with me, and giving me a kiss as I head out the door. She always reminds me of things when I leave in the morning, whether it is something about an errand, or something we need to do together. I imagine her saying to me...

"Babe, if you patrol today, make sure and put in your Side SAPI plates, I know they're uncomfortable but it makes me feel better when you wear them. Hey! Also you need to put some fresh batteries in your night vision goggles."

Then she would hand me my coffee tumbler and give me a kiss before I headed out the door.

I thought about it so much I decided to photoshop her into my day. Check it out....Photoshop...hee hee.

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