Monday, March 09, 2009

Japan Trip

I am nearing the end of a training rotation in Sapporo Japan. Over the course of this two weeks in the field, the weather has gone from single digit to fifty degrees. From clear skies to hard rain, from blowing snow, to sleet. I am glad that I came on this mission, however, I am glad to be going back home. I am only going to have a couple of days before I have to report back to work, and I am probably going to try and sleep the entire time. I have been eating MRE's a few times a day, and I am SO ready for a nice ribeye steak, baked potato, and a glass of bourbon.

In the picture above, we were trying to reinforce tent stakes because the blowing wind and heavy snow was making the tents collapse.

This is a picture of me with two Japanes scouts before we did a recon of one of the objectives. The Japanese Infantry is pretty hardcore. The snow in a lot of places is so deep that the patrols have to move with skis or snowshoes. As you can see in this photo, knowing how to ski is fundamental to be a Japanese Infantrymen.

More pictures to come when I get back stateside.

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Alecto said...

I am happy to see your blog again and was hoping you were home but it looks like you're still deployed. Will come back and read some more.