Saturday, March 28, 2009

The "N" Moments of the Lost Boys.....

Unfortunately there is a population of young males in the United States who boast a significant few who seem to have no care about themselves, their race, their future, or even what discredit and hardship their misdeeds bring upon others. Years ago I used to scoff at the notion that rap music, video games, or racy movies had anything to do at all with influencing the behavior of individual people. To a large extent I still feel that way, however, I do acknowledge that people of weak mind, spirit, and moral makeup attempt to "emulate" what they see, because somehow many of these negative behaviors are perceived. The medial seems to reinforce the notion that somehow because you are a black mail, you have had a rough life and grew up in "hell". That may be true for some, but I think there is a large majority that step into that position as an actor steps into a role. There are few occassions when a person is so poor that they cannot eat. We have fat bums in this country. There are a multitude of programs and commissions that are out there to ensure that the disadvantaged don't simply perish. Despite the significant gains that have been made, there is a segment of the population that is hell-bent on doing stupid things. Making it hard for the rest of us. As indicated in the satirical cartoon, "The Boondocks", light is shed on how ridiculous things often are.

There are racial situations, tensions, and bias out there against blacks, and I don't doubt that. However, I can say that the gains in racial outlook from the Civil War until now has been tremendous. Especially when we look at the changes that went on in the antebellum South. I think that we need to place a lot of the onus on our current plight, (incarceration, AIDS, crime rate, out-of-wedlock births), on ourselves. When I see more and more that the younger generation are making decisions that will ruin their lives forever as teenagers, I cringe to think about what the future holds. Take for instance the guy in the following video. The title of the video on YouTube is "Young Black man gives up." I think the title should be, "Young Black man gives up on himself and needlessly takes the lives of two innocent young men."

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