Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Colin Powell is one of my heroes....back off!

Here is a cut and paste of a response I made in Rachel's Weblog about Colin Powell. A guy called him a coward, can you believe that?

This comment is for Emperor Misha, in response to your statement that,

"Colon Powell is an unmitigated, worthless, useless, good-for-nothing, double-speaking, waffling, cowardly, nadless, limp pecker of a jerk and those are his GOOD qualities."

I respect your right to your opinion about this man's abilities as Secretary of State, or diplomat, or U.N. consult. Most politicians are waffling and double-speaking, but to classify him as cowardly, or nadless is a complete misstatement. I am not sure if you have ever served or not, or if you know what the markings on Powell's Dress green's symbolized, but a patch on the right shoulder coupled with a Combat Infantryman's badge, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart would automatically negate the idea that he is cowardly. Waffling?...maybe. Overly Cautious?...perhaps. But maybe it is with good reason. Colin Powell is not an America who "speaks French without having sampled the wine" when it comes to Foriegn policy. "WE (oui) need to bomb them...We (oui) need to send troops....We (oui) need to attack them and occupy that territory...We (oui) won't lose that many people if we attack, and if We (oui) do it will be worth it. Many times some of the most ardent supporters of War, troop mobilization support the military effort from the same position that they support their favorite NFL team. Granted I can't boast the same accolades that Mr. Powell has, because he is truly a great military man. But I have served in an active duty Infantry Unit during Operation Desert Storm. I am in the National Guard presently and I am eyeing the troop mobilization orders warily. If I am called up I will gladly go, but I do not relish the idea of war. Anyone that does is either: A. Out of their damn minds. or B. A CNN Ranger. I don't question my Commander-in-Chief, and I will always honor the oath I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies foriegn and domestic. But I have been part of the We (oui) which is more commonly the "They" to most CNN Rangers. I remember coming back to Ft. Stewart in May of 91' and listening to people say, "We (oui) should have gone on into Baghdad and removed him from power." Easier said than done. I am sure that Saddam would have known that his time on earth was over and would not have thought twice about using VX, Mustard, Tabur or Sarin on us. To tell you the truth while I did proudly serve I was and am scared to death of chemical weapons. But remember We (oui) have the means to protect ourselves right? Wrong. Anybody in the miilitary who has gone to NBC school knows that NBC defenses simply lessen or prolong the inevitable...especially against Nerve agent.
Well, I am rambling right now, but the bottom line is, there are many of our politicians on both sides of the aisle that fit the description you originally offered for Colin Powell, but I don't think that it fits him. Just my two rambling cents.

(I believe in WE, but once was THEY)

Posted by Dkelsmith on December 17, 2002 10:00 AM

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