Sunday, November 28, 2004

The end of a great weekend....

Well, like all good things, this weekend had to come to an end. Despite the hectic schedules and the cooking and cleaning, this weekend was thorougly enjoyable. Sam and Erica took off this morning and headed home. Erica and Renee have known each other for the last5 15 or 16 years. For them, each reunion is a point where they can pick up where they left off. Happily enough, I get along with Sam very well so we can entertain ourselves while they catch up on old times.

Wednesday night when they came into town, we stayed up until aobut 3:30 a.m. talking. That made for a very difficult Thanksgiving Day. After all of the cooking, cleaning, serving, eating, and laughing I was completely wiped out.

On Friday, Renee had planned a big shopping trip for all of us. Naturally, Sam and I balked at shopping and ended up in the house with the That evening when they got back from shopping we finally got to leave the house. We ended up going to Renee's Aunts house for dinner and sat around for the remainder of the evening. We got back to Frankfort at around 11:00 that night and made a half-hearted attempt at watching, "Man of Nfire" starring Denzel Washington.

The next morning, Sam and I had enough and decided that we [To be continued...]

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