Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Marriage Amendment...as if we needed one...

An Amendment to the Kentucky Constitution has passed that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. While this doesn't specifically mention sexual orientation, it not only has a tacit, but an implicit impact on the same-sex union question. The amendment passed by an overwhelming amount, the last I saw it was approximately 79% for the amendment to 21% against it. The vote that I cast was a "No" for the amendment. As a Catholic Christian, my religious views do impact some of my political views, and homosexuality is one thing that is frowned upon by most any recognized church. However, I think that this is one thing that the church should stay out of. Accordingly, I think that we should leave a lot of our religious views out of discussions like this as well. While I do have to admit that I understand the thought process of those who voted for an amendment to define marriage, I also have to say that I am greatly disappointed in their votes. I am equally shocked to see such a backing for this from the Republican party, the reason being is that they are such staunch adversaries of judicial activism. I too am afraid of an ever-increasing reach of the court systems. I also think that any amendment to the State or Federal Constitution should increase, not decrease the rights and privileges of a particular segment of our population.

But, this is the democratic process, and the people have spoken. I just feel for those whose voices have been stifled.

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