Friday, February 17, 2006

The "N" word.....

Unbelievable use of a derogatory word by of all people....a high school teacher.

The N(igger) Word

[More to follow....]

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Bob said...

I can't fathom an "honors class" high school teacher having such poor judgment. But then again, poor judgment seems to be the norm these days. On the one hand, I'm prone to say, "Hey, everyone does some really stupid things." But I really can't leave it at that given the teacher's apparent continuing denial that using racial slurs is morally wrong. Oh sure, this guy has "learned his lesson", but the lesson appears to be that he'd best not get caught.

Has anyone pointed out to this guy that, as a teacher, he's not only supposed to model good behavior in the classroom, but to enforce it? His permitting the children to get away with using the N-word in his classroom would seem to me sufficient reason for his dismissal, but then that might run afoul of the teachers' union.

God help us.