Thursday, February 02, 2006

Valley of the Wolves, Iraq...

What are Billy Zane and Gary Busey thinking about?

Movie Trailer

Apparently the Turkish film industry has spent the largest amount for a movie in their history. Approximately 10 million dollars. The movie is about a "savage" group of American Soldiers. The Soldiers kidnap people randomly, shoot up a wedding, and take people to Abu Ghraib prison and stack them like cord wood. After that, a Jewish-American doctor played by Gary Busey, removes their internal organs and sells them. Apparently some of the prisoners are actually Turkish citizens who are not guilty of terrorist acts. One of the Turkish guys kills himself to preserve his honor, not before sending a desperate plea to some larger-than-life Turkish intelligence Officer.

In steps a gravelly-voiced, smartly-dressed guy who basically annihilates the Americans. OH! The Americans, I forgot, their commander is none other than Billy Zane, who doesn't wear a uniform, but wears some kind of a dumb ass fedora. In the scenes that I watched he was always speaking from the back of a luxury SUV, but not before the window rolled down ominously.

Let's not forget that the Americans are wearing the Desert Storm era chocolate chip uniform, and the Kevlar appears to be a cross between the British and the American new model. In some of the clips that I saw, some of the Americans had mullets, and others had Mohawks. Let me not forget that in some of the preview scenes that I saw the Americans were wearing desert camouflage with black wife-beater tee shirts. Yep, that is true to life.

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