Monday, October 23, 2000

I have been sitting here this morning staring intently at my computer screen wondering where to begin as to describe my weekend. More than busy, I don't believe that we ever stopped rushing back and forth. On Friday night Renee and I stayed the night in Lexington and went to "Third Fridays" which is our own Kentucky Rural interpretation of First Fridays that so many young black professionals in larger cities enjoy. While the ambience was not that of an upscale nightclub in Manhattan, the people were a lot more refreshing to be around. I can honestly say that I did not spot one "Gold Tooth" in the joint. The function was hosted by the Heritage Council, and they plan to continue on as long as their is an interest. Hopefully the novelty of this event will not eventually wear off, because there are precious few "positive" places for young African-Americans to congregate in Lexington. I saw a lot of business cards as well as phone numbers being exchanged, and I think that this could indeed be a great networking tool. We woke up fairly early on Saturday morning and drove Aunt Fran back to Dayton, once we got home we did precious little in regard to working, we rented Toy Story 2 for the boys, and the Hurricane for ourselves although we didn't watch it. We spent the remainder of the evening sipping a little bit, and chattering. Sunday morning we woke up with noble intentions of attending mass, but morning turned to afternoon, and we were yet to have gotten out of bed.....*sigh*...its like that sometimes I suppose. Devon had a football game at 2:30 that I coached, and we ended up winning after 4 overtimes! Dev was so excited, he hurried the opposing quarterback twice, had an interception, and broke up 3 passes. Hopefully "little Deion" won't forget about me when he goes to the league! ha ha ha ha ha ha Sunday night Renee got off work, and I have to tell you once again we accomplished absolutely nothing. After the boys were bathed and in bed, we sat at the kitchen table and finished off the last of the chianti and called it a night. More to come this afternoon.

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