Thursday, October 19, 2000

Today started out as terrible as terrible could be. I had so many things to do, bills to pay, work to do, things to worry about. I dreaded this day, because I knew it would be as long as all "get out". I worked through the first part of the day, and it seemed liek it would never end. I looked up from my computer and it was nearly time to eat. Well, I went home at lunch time, and I was in somewhat of a grumpy mood still. I came in made a sandwich, and watched one of those terrible episodes of Riki Lake....I knew my baby was out with her Auntie, and I really wished that I had someone to talk to. I finished gulping down my sandwich and walked into the kitchen...I looked at the clock and sighed as I dreaded finishing up the last half of the day. Then I spotted a card on top of the telephone. On the outside of the envelope it simply said, "Kel" The outside of the card said:

I love it
when i tell you
how my day was
and you listen
and laugh
at the funny parts
and get mad
at the mad parts
and you listen.
it may not sound like
a big deal,
but it really is....
...because you listen
and you care.

At the end of the card Renee had written:

And for that, I am ever grateful. Thank you for all that you are to me and the boys.

Lovin' you forever,


And somehow, the day just seemed like it has flown by since then......................

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