Monday, October 16, 2000

Well, Homecoming weekend is finally over, but it was such fun! Renee and I saw so many people that we went to school with. Everyone seems to be doing so well. Happily enough the weekend came and went without any major incidents.....All of our guests were well fed, and well taken care of, so that went well. I enjoyed spending much of my Homecoming weekend with my baby. All of the bruhs were like, "Where have you been Kel?" I tell you it is not the fact that I don't like hanging out with my friends and Frat Brothers, and it isn't as if I don't feel the same about them, but I just no longer have the urge to hang out with a "group". I really like doing things with Renee and her boys. I always experience a myriad of emotions when we spend time together. Things just seem so simple...I tell you, it is her...truly her that made me have a positive outlook on life once again. All day Sunday we were on the Dayton and back, and to Louisville and back, and I just thought about "us" the entire time...I am really looking forward to the 4th of August....I really do....I love her so much that I don't believe that there are any words or actions that can appropriately describe my emotions for her. While we were at the game, I couldn't help but to keep staring at those lovely hands of hers and the ring that I placed upon them. The Lord truly blessed me with her, that is undeniable...I have a lot of fear and apprehension about financial matters, and other things that may come up, but I have no fear about the longevity of our union. I know one thing....A. Renee Daniel is forever.

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