Thursday, June 08, 2006


I just wonder it this will escalate, or downsize the insurgent movement in Iraq? The reason I ask this is because often times when there is a loosely organized movement with a figurehead in charge, as is the case with the Iraq insurgency' it is very difficult to launch a "decapitation strike" with much success. Either, it wiil have no effect because he actually didn't have the command and control he boasted about, or it will escalate because people will start doing dumb shit in the "name of Sheik Al Zarquawi" or something inane like that.

I am happy that Nick Berg has been avenged, but I wanted Zarquawi to be either shot with small arms fire, or captured. The lunatics will try and martyr him and boast about how "Soldiers could not get him, only big bombs." I mean come on, we saw the video, the guy's weapons craft sucked.

[From ABC]
Oil exports from Iraq have failed to return to pre-war level due to frequent sabotage attacks on the country's northern pipeline and deteriorating security that has prevented significant investment in aging southern oil fields.

So this is part of the reason why I am paying $3.00 plus per gallon?

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