Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Thought Police: a necessary function for our safety?

Please take a look at this video and tell me what you think.

When I saw this, obviously I was shocked, but even more than that, I started trying to frame my thoughts into the context of what I do for a living. Obviously in this country people have a right to express their opinion on everything that goes on. I am happy we don't live in a police state where so many things are censored and forbidden. However, I don't think that we should overlook people like this, the "Miami 7", or any other nutcases out there that are Anti-American. I don't believe that the United States has done everything properly over the years, but I do believe in the inherent "goodness" in America as a whole.

So, should we kick the doors in of these people and haul them off to some austere prison complex for creating such a hateful and radical video? Certainly not, but I do think that they should be watched very closely, and we should be ready to make a move on them at the slightest hint that their bad taste is going to transform itself into bad action. If these people have this feeling in their hearts that "God" is punishing Soldiers by killing them, and if they rejoice in "God's success" by picketing funerals and holding up signs, then is it such a far stretch that they would jump into the fray to help punish America?

Just something to think about.


vicki said...

The video is sickening. These people aren't religious, they are dangerous.

Even in a democracy there should be some lines drawn where people can protest and express their opinions. Protesting at a family's private funeral of a fallen soldier should be against the law.

I'd go "postal" if I saw this happening in my community.

Squidley said...

Repugnant. Repulsive. Saddening. But Vicki said it best: sickening.

I cannot bear the smugness of those who are so arrogant as to think they know God's will. Insufferable.

People like those shown in the video are the natural outcome of multiculturalism, which holds that all cultures are "equal." If all cultures are equal, then ours is nothing special, not worth defending. Patriotism withers and dies.

The next step towards the abyss is the "realization" that our culture is "oppressing" others. After all, if all cultures are equal, yet ours is more successful, then it must be because we're holding the others down, right? So now, instead of just valuing others equally, the multi-cultis actively denigrate their own culture. Patriotism becomes evil. We are looking into the depths of hell.

The solution? To value traditional American values, like honor, truth, hard work, liberty, and justice. Even more, to value America, a real country, in a specific place, made of a particular group of people, with a shared background.

M said...

Those folks are as obnoxious as the leftwingers who said the best thing soldiers could do would be to 'frag' their officers! ???????

I don't 'get' those kind of people. I love our soldiers. I admire them for their courage and for the way they just go out and get the job done. Thanks for the blog. I enjoy coming here every now and then. You're a great American.

CharlieDelta said...

That is just sickening!

If I saw something like that, I'm afraid of what I would to to those motherf*ckers! Might spend some time in the can, but I would go in feeling good about what I did to pieces of shit like them!

Thank you for your service. God Bless you and your family.

proud fan said...

First of all - THANK YOU for your service to our country.
People who hold up those signs and parade their hatred around like this are the worst kind of "free-thinkers".
I support our troops 100% and I think it is a sickening disgrace that these people do these things to try to cheapen the names and jobs of our military men and women.
I am disgusted by their lack of grattitude and respect for our troops and I wish that our mainstream media would focus on some of the positive things people are doing to try to show their support for our troops instead of constantly shining the spotlight on those with extreme malintent.

To all of our troops - those of us that love and support and respect you far outnumber the hatemongers.

Lila said...

What do I think? Oh my God! This is just one example of what I am fighting against. I am respectfully requesting your permission to put a link to your blog in one of my 360 blogs. I'd like more people to see what you have to say. God bless you and your family. May God bless our troops, and grant us a world where they are welcomed and respected in their own homelands. Lila