Monday, March 03, 2003

BE ALL YOU CAN BE...Just pass the Motrin......

Yo. Man, I am so tired and sore. I had drill this weekend with the National Guard. I am finishing up OCS, I have three more drills to go and my Phase II training and I will officially be an Army Officer! Dang I can't wait! Of all of the things that I ever wanted to do with my life it was to be an Army Officer. My father served in the Army for 30 years and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer. I never wanted to be anything else except like him.....well, that is a whole other story right there. I can brag to you about how awesome my dad is another time. Anyway, getting back to being sore. I went down to drill on Friday night and ended up having to low crawl through the mud for like 45 was cold, wet, windy, and dark, but somehow I got motivated. (Don't ask me why, maybe I have been eating too much red meat lately). We woke up about 4:30 this next morning and went on a four mile road march with a full rucksack on our back. We had classes all day, and did pushups and flutter kicks throughout the day any time we needed, "corrective training". On Sunday morning we did 100 pushups and 100 situps for exercise and then we broke down into "ability" groups. Unfortunately someone thought that my "ability" should put me in the fast group. So we go on a 5 mile run up and down the hills on the range road. My back started getting real tight, and I told my TAC Officer I needed to slow down several times. He did slow the pace, but my back was throbbing. It was hurting, by the time we made it back to the company area I was walking like Fred Sanford. I tried to lay down and do the hurdler's stretch, but I felt a sharp pain in my back. Not wanting to hurt myself I tried to go back to a sitting position......and that was all she wrote. My back locked up and I screamed like a "bia biaaaaatch". I was like, "AAAAAAAAUGGGGH AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Naturally everyone came running over there and I said, "DON"T TOUCH ME! DON'T TOUCH ME". (Naturally someone pulled my arm anyway.) My back had the rest of my body tensed up so bad that I couldn't move my legs without pains shooting through my lower back. To make a long story short I lay on the cold, damp, ground for like 35 minutes and an ambulance took me to the hospital. There a nurse, who obviously had been a concentration camp nurse in another life, injected liquid fire into the small of my back. I don't know what the hell it was, but it burned like hell. But my back loosened up. Despite that it was still a good weekend. Am I crazy?

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