Thursday, March 20, 2003

My body betrays me...

I am sitting here in an Excel 2 class, (Much more interesting than the introductory level), and my head is spinning. I went down to the YMCA and took a body conditioning class. The instructors name is Laura, and if I didn't know any better she was also an instructor at the U.S. Army Ranger School. The abdominal, leg, and arm workout that she prescribes is merciless. Although I do appreciate what she is doing, and am anxious to see the results, Laura surprises me by not being the spectacular physical specimen that you would imagine. While she does look healthy, she does not have the cut arms and typical "aerobics instructor physique". On the contrary she looks like a soccer mom. As a matter of fact if I saw her getting out of a minivan with 3 or 4 kids trailing behind her I would not be the least bit surprised. But when it comes to endurance, she can exercise forever! She is still doing the leg lunges, or sitting on the wall, or doing crunches long after I have screamed, "Toby!" (I am wondering how many people will get that remark!) ;-) All the while she is driving us to physical exhaustion her high-pitched motivating voice never ceases....."and 1, and 2, and 3, and burn from 10...and 9 and 8 and 7....."The entire time I want to scream, "And STOP!!!" I have let my physical condition wither away with the blissful comfort of being thirty-something. But, I really don't want a pot belly just yet, and I kind of feel bad when I get winded much more easily than I used to, so this is my solemn vow to be back in physical form by July. I weigh about 195 pounds now, and I think I should actually be at around 170 for my body build. When I hit the showers after class, it took somewhat of an effort to raise my hands to wash under my arms. I put my slacks and shirt back on and headed up the road back to this training class, but somehow I felt good. I have a gnawing hunger in the pit of my stomach. I am a little bit light-headed, but my body feels so loose. I know I will feel a little pain in the morning, but I think this is just what I needed. I think I am going to track my progress back to fitness. Oh well, if I don't have an entry in tomorrow you will know that I had an embolism of some sort. Well, the instructor is back, back to learning Excel.

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