Tuesday, March 18, 2003

So many emotions...

Sometimes we don't know what to think or feel at all. And after last nights address by President Bush, I kind of feel the same way. Some of the key statements are still resonating within me. I don't know what information is out there that is bringing us to this moment, but I also realize that I, along with other Americans are not, and should not, be privy to such information. Although this is frightening, it is quite an experience to know what is going on. During the last go round in the first Gulf War I was over there on the ground and did not have the benefit of CNN to know what was going on. Believe it or not, the Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines only know of their specific mission, and probably do not know as much of the Big Picture scheme as we do. I pray for strength and wisdom of the various commanders in the region. I pray for perseverance, strength, and bravery for our service people in theatre. I pray for the safety of each and every service person who is going to put himself or herself in harms way. I pray for the families who will undoubtedly receive the news that their loved one is injured, or even that he or she may not return home alive. I also pray those in Iraq who are innocent, the ones who will be caught in the middle of this terrible conflice that only want the same things that every human being wants; the human desire for happiness, health, and a brighter future for their children. I pray that this will all be attainable for them some day. I am just filled with remorse that it must come at such a price.

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