Thursday, March 20, 2003

"They are invading Iraq"

It is so amazing to watch world events unfold on CNN. It seems as if you have a ground level view of what is going on. But "We" are not invading Iraq, "They" are invading Iraq. "They" are the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who are following through on the oaths of enlistment, and the oaths of office. It is so easy to say, "We" are doing this, and "we" won. But unless you are over there on the ground, or have a loved one or dear friend who is over there, the terror of this event is not real to you. I don't agree with all of our policies, and I may not personally agree with every thing that the President and Congress do, but I fully support the President in this campaign. I believe that people have a right to protest and show dissent, but now is the time to get the message to our troops that "we are in your corner". Despite the fact that I served during the first Gulf War, I find myself strangely detached from this situation. Please don't think that I am indifferent, but all of the feelings of anxiety that I thought I would have once this started up again have not come. I am anxious about the lives of Americans over there, but it is a completely different feeling. Now back when I was 12 years younger and 20 pounds lighter I was all fire and emotion about military duty. I wanted to go to Iraq. I wanted to fight, I wanted to be in the mix. But after a few years, schooling, marriage, and kids I want to be no where else but here. I feel a little bad about that, while I am in in the National Guard, and would go without hesitation if called again, I just want to be with my family. My oldest son was asking me question upon question what war was all about. I told him what we were trying to do and why the best that I could. But I don't think that it all set in for him. He wondered if the Iraquis could come over here and attack us. He wanted to know if part of the war could be fought here. I tried my best to put his mind at ease, but I wonder what kind of thoughts are still going on behind those beautiful nine-year-old eyes of his. I wonder how much different they would be if he were older, probably a whole lot, no matter what opinion he had about the war. I know my thoughts are much different than those of the skinny 19 year old in the picture below. I think he is a completely different man than what I am now. Not better, not worse....just different.

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