Friday, April 11, 2003

Feelings after the war...

For all intents and purposes the war in Iraq is over. Unfortunately I believe that more servicemen are doomed to die because of sporadic fighting, looting, suicide attacks, and the few kooks that are loyal to Saddam. But I wonder, even when all is said and done, will people ever feel this way about the end of the war?

I have to wonder, because there seems to be a growing amount of dissent among the American population because we have not found the "smoking gun" as of yet. All I can say is be patient, and continue to pray for our troops.

Lastly, before we begin the exaltations remember what price some people have paid in honoring their oath to our country. Here we see soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division remembering a comrade killed in a rocket attack. While I am glad the regime has ended, I have to admit that it is a bittersweet feeling.

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