Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I am a certified geek...

I actually know that I am a certified geek by the list of disturbing geek attributes that I now have.

1. An affinity for any type of electronic or computer gadgetry.
2. The idea that it would be cool to own a pair of night vision goggles.
3. My adoration of Japanese Anime, Kung Fu Movies, and War Movies.
4. The fact that I know what a lot of computer acronyms stand for.
5. This blog is not the only web presence that I maintain.
6. I do see at least a practical purpose for a pocket protector.
7. I wish my son liked to play adventure games as well as sports games on Playstation 2.
8. I would rather watch the Discovery Channel, CNN, and C-Span instead of Reality TV shows.
9. I'm good at Jeopardy.

And finally.....[drum roll please]

10. I know how many days it is until the Matrix Reloaded debuts!

[Neo is a bad ass!]

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