Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Where are you Laci?

In some ways I really hope you haven't been found, but this article is very foreboding. It seems that police have found the skeletal remains of a woman, and a full-term baby boy washed up on the beach in Richmond, California. Coincidentally, it is only 2 miles from the spot where Laci's husband Scott went fishing the day she disapeared.

I must say that I have a great deal of skepticism about his story. I find it strange that a man would leave home on Christmas Eve to go fishing, period. Additionally, to travel a great distance away from home and to leave your 7 month pregnant wife at home ALONE? Sounds very strange. Of course when it came out that he was having an affair most of his credibility with the public, and with Laci's family was shot to hell.

I really hope I am wrong about this, and wouldn't it be great if we could find her alive somewhere with a perfectly healthy baby? I suppose the Elizabeth Smart case gave everyone a great deal of hope. For Laci and the baby's sake, I will keep hope alive through prayers, but it doesn't look good. If it isn't Laci that washed ashore, who was the poor woman and the baby, that is yet another mystery to discover. How could anyone harm a woman, much less a pregnant woman and her unborn child?

I pray for you, Laci.

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